This is Slow Food — CSA Week 5 DELAYED!

image - This is Slow Food — CSA Week 5 DELAYED!

WellThere is nothing to do but laugh and sigh as yet another rain cloud blows by the farm. In an unprecedented move for Knuckle Down Farm, I have decided to put week five on hold ’till next week. Tomatoes are starting to turn red, peppers and eggplants are starting to appear and the odd zucchini is big enough to harvest. However, there is nothing ready this week that won’t be bigger and better next week if I am able to take some time to focus on irrigation.

Although I hate to do this, I think it will mean everyone is happier in the long run!

Pictured on the right is our amazing well that keeps refilling even in these driest of dry times (if perhaps a little slowly).

So: no veggie pickup this week.  Pickups will resume next week and extend one week further into the fall.  I’m sorry for any inconvenience.

Fingers crossed for the next big storm.



Pretty Sky, but no rain