So you wanted some rain did ya? — Knuckle Down News, Week 8

“When it rains it pours” seems to be the expression of the week. We had a nice heavy rainfall on the weekend and now the forecast is calling for more rain than we’ve had in a month for Tuesday!  It’s hard to imagine what that much rain all at once will look like, but I’m hopeful when it is all over with the garden with be filled with a new vigour.

I’m holding off doing any seeding for now though, just in case the beds get washed away! For any on-farm members who don’t want to venture out tomorrow (if it’s stormy), just send me an email and I can put your veggies in the cooler ’till Wednesday. I am so excited for rain that I won’t even resent harvesting in it.

In other news, Noreen, who has been working along-side me this season, has found a more full time job. Missing so many markets this year due to lack of produce meant I couldn’t be sure I would be able to give her the hours she needs, we’re happy she found something so quickly and wish her the best of luck. Thanks for all your hard work Noreen!

We should also thank Anna (aka Auntie Anna) for all the lovely photos this week and for keeping a certain toddler busy for two days!


Among this week’s line-up:
Beets (on farm)
Swiss Chard
Cherry Tomatoes
Wee Cabbage
Beans (I hope for everyone this week)