We Will Always Have Garlic — Knuckle Down News Week 7

We thought it was too hot this time last year, silly us! With heat warning after heat warning this summer, it’s a wonder there’s any moisture left in the garden at all. Our region has been upgraded to a Level 3 Drought, as July saw only 35% of the average rainfall for the month.

I’m afraid I sound like a bit of a broken record this year, “too hot, too dry, hopefully things will turn around soon”. As things don’t look to be turning around, I have all of our fall crops covered in an attempt to conserve moisture (although this also raises the heat). With irrigation every evening it does seem that we have half decent germination under there so I remain cautiously optimistic.

Today I also cleared out some space underneath our greenhouse tomatoes. Because I have to irrigate those beds regularly I am hoping I can use the shade of the vines to give some more delicate crops a less hostile environment.


This week’s line-up:


There are many maybe’s in this weeks share, as thing are starting to ripen I find it difficult to be sure what I will have enough of. Some possible candidates include: lettuce, beets, beans, tomatoes, peppers and summer squash.

There will definitely be garlic.