Who Turnip the Heat? — Knuckle Down News, Week 14

Aerial Radicchio Shot - Who Turnip the Heat? — Knuckle Down News, Week 14

Sun and Cosmos FlowersDirty Dirty Onions

These hot September afternoons urge me to snooze in the Hammock rather than head back to the garden after lunch. Nevertheless, there are still things to be done and slowly, slowly I will get to (most) of them! The onions are replacing the garlic on the curing shelves, a cover crop of oats and soon fall rye will be popping up, some beds will be cleared of spent crops and others that were never planted this season will be tilled for next year. But mostly my time these days is spent harvesting harvesting harvesting.

Alternate Aerial Radicchio ShotAerial Radicchio Shot

I keep hoping for melons and I’ll check them again before pick-up, but thus far they still won’t ripen so this week for new and exciting crops with have turnips! Okay, I know most people don’t get terribly excited about turnips, but maybe that’s because you didn’t know that they are a great source of vitamin C, high in fibre, and full of other important minerals. My turnip tips for today are to roast them with other roots like carrots and potatoes or try adding them to a curry or stew.

In your share this week:

  • Beets
  • Turnips
  • Tomatoes
  • Salad Mix
  • Baby Cabbage
  • Eggplant
  • Kale
  • Some combination of Cucumbers, Zucchini, and Peppers
  • Hot Peppers
  • Herbs

— Jenny

Dill in the Foreground, Corn in the BackgroundEarthier Obvious Turnip