“Spring” Update

Trays - "Spring" Update

As we wait for baby number two to arrive, Spring too seems to be taking its time. A blessing in disguise perhaps, with all my planting dates pushed back for the season, this slow cold Spring is allowing me to relax and feel thankful that I am not trying to keep a greenhouse full of plants toasty! The cold-hardy onions and greens that we do have on the go are coming along slowly, hinting at Spring in the greenhouse at least. Our friends over at Footstep Organics have kindly agreed to take on the tomatoes, peppers and eggplants so I know they are in good hands until I can get back out in the field.

Thus far we have sold about half of our shares for the season and before I do I big push to recruit new members I wanted to remind those of you who are planning on returning to please let me know ASAP! Even if you can’t send payment right away, it is helpful to know how many spots I need to fill — so please go ahead and fill out the form. Let’s see if we can get all those spots filled before the Spring peepers wake up.

That said, early payment really does make a difference. Many thanks to everyone who has already done both. Welcome to our new members, I look forward to growing for you. Wind and snow storms aside, Spring is coming!


Frosty Garden

Trays of Tomorrow's Veggies

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Hoarfrost Sunflower Chimney, Bird, & Sky