Marching toward delicious Veggies

Sign Up for Veggies - Marching toward delicious Veggies

Welcome to our newest members and thank you for joining us! It’s always nice to see some new faces.

Thanks also to everyone who has signed up early.

There are still a few weeks to go ’till Spring officially begins, but one quarter of our shares are already sold, hurray! Maybe we can reach the halfway mark by March break.

If you haven’t had a chance to register yet, but are still looking forward to eating lots of delicious veggies this year just click on the link below:

The seeds have begun to arrive in the mail and I would love to plant something with your name on it.

We have some exciting projects planned for 2019 details coming soon…

Sincerely, Jenny

p.s. Did you know we have an instagram account? Peter takes lots of lovely photos, so we have to share them somewhere! You can also see the most recent ones on the “Farm & Farmer” section of the homepage.

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