Preparing for Spring in a Challenging Time

pussy willow - Preparing for Spring in a Challenging Time

In two days it’ll officially be Spring, and when I turn off my radio and stay away from social media the rhythms of life on the farm are comfortingly unchanged. The days are getting longer, the Sun is stronger on my face, the red-winged blackbirds have returned and are sending their distinctive trills across the wet fields.

Social isolation can be one of the ever-present challenges of life on a farm, but this year I am reminded how lucky I am to live in this beautiful quiet place, working from home with my little family around me.

One of the reasons why I love farming is that it keeps me connected in a real and unmistakable way to the earth that sustains us. When my hands are in the soil, I feel grounded I can focus on the beautiful and simple task of helping things grow.

Farming also keeps me connected to my community, feeding the people you care about is such a fundamental part of being human. At a time like this bringing you healthy and delicious food seems all the more important and a role I am honoured to play.

I am hopeful that by the time our CSA pick-ups have started COVID-19 will be contained and Farmers’ Markets will have re-opened. However, if necessary, I will adjust how I distribute shares, moving to individually packed boxes and possibly delivery. Keeping everyone safe and healthy is my utmost concern and more local delicious, nutrient dense vegetables is surely a part of that.  2020 CSA Shares are still available here.

My heart goes out to those of you whose lives have been turned upside down.

Stay well and remember Spring is on its way!


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