Plant, Weed, Harvest, Eat. And Repeat.

Here we are in July and so many things are almost ready to harvest, but not quite!

Ready or not, the great garlic harvest will begin this week, fresh garlic will go into this week’s shares and there should be a steady flow of garlic from now ’till all the vampires have left the area. Available anywhere we are.

Cucumbers and zucchini may be another week, but if we can find enough we will harvest some wee ones. Another exciting new addition this week is the weird and wonderful UFO of the vegetable world, kohlrabi! If you haven’t met yet, you are in for a treat.  There are lots of ways to eat kohlrabi (roasted, salad, fritter) but I like to snack on it raw.

We will say goodbye to the peas, and temporarily to Katie, who has gone off to Quebec to work on her French for the month. Sonora and I will be planting, weeding, harvesting and weeding some more and surely looking forward to her return.

— Jenny

This Week’s Share:

☮️ Peas
🧅 🌱 Green Onions
🧄 Fresh Garlic
👾 Kohlrabi
🥬 Kale or Collards
🍃 Greens Choice
🎵 Beets
🌿 Herbs


Note: a tropical downpour interrupted this week’s photo shoot — so please enjoy these pics from previous years.