Surprise Spinach in July and another trip to Toronto

Big Spinach - Surprise Spinach in July and another trip to Toronto

Hello Everyone,

Before I get into what we have been up to this week, a quick heads up to any of my big city farm followers that we will have lots of lovely greens listed on the Dufferin Grove Farmers’ Market Web Store this week and next!

I think my local CSA members will be happy to share some of the giant bunches of Kale, Chard, and Collards that all this rain has produced, so if you have been craving some Knuckle Down veggies, check it out. Local orders can also be placed with the Homegrown Hamper ’till midnight tonight.

Over abundance is a pretty decent problem to have. The giant Swiss Chard looked so impressive last week while I was harvesting for the Market in the Village that I had to call Peter out to the garden for a photo shoot with my adorable farm helper that morning. Photos of Max and giant Chard are now floating all over social media as a result.

Not pictured of course are my endless pleas “. . . don’t step on the onions! Don’t pull off the green tomatoes! Where are your shoes? Where is your hat? Don’t step on the thistles!

Earlier in the week, during breaks in the storms we were able to finish planting all of the sweet corn thanks to a handful of slightly more mature helpers! Sonora and I started working on the fall crops and the explosion of weeds and finally finished trellising the tomatoes in the greenhouse when it was too muddy to work outside.

This week we will be pretty busy harvesting, but fingers crossed we will get a chance to tackle the field tomatoes and seed a few of our later season crops to give them enough time to mature.

In this week’s share, we have a few new items, the first zucchini and baby carrots and some zingy purslane for you super food enthusiasts. I was also delighted to find that the last planting of Spring Spinach, which I thought didn’t take due to the heat, bounced back thanks to all that rain and we have some gorgeous Spinach for you this week. I hope you enjoy it, as we won’t have more ’till the fall.

— Jenny

This Week’s Share

🥬 Chard
🥒 Zucchini
🥬 Lettuce
🍃 Spinach
🥕 Baby Carrots
👾 Kohlrabi
🧄 Fresh Garlic
🌿 Purslane, Dill and Parsley