Knuckle Down News, Week Eight — A Walk in the Park

Here we are at the end of the August long weekend and I do hope everyone was able to enjoy this beautiful weather. I know it has me wanting to dig out the hammock and a good book!

Today we took the afternoon off to stroll around  Zwick’s Park where Ernest could show off his new found cycling skills and we could all enjoy the “Pop-ups by the Bay.” If you have two small children, this is pretty much the best dining experience around, and I can’t speak for all of the options, but the falafel I had was delicious.

It looks like we will be having a few days of sunshine, so I’ve got high hopes that our tomatoes will finally start to ripen. I don’t know about the rest of you, but the cucumbers and I are certainly ready for some Greek Salads and the abundance of Parsley is demanding Tabbouleh.

This week we will be harvesting the first Green Peppers and Red Onions, along with some lovely Eggplant, so it is a good time to pull out any of your favourite Mediterranean recipes I think!


This Week’s Share:

🥒 Zucchini
🥒 Cucumbers
🍆 Eggplant
🫑 Green Peppers
🌱 Beans
🎵 Beets
🥬 Lettuce or Bok Choi
🧅 Red Onions
🍅 Tomatoes
🍃 Greens Choice
🌿 Herbs

P.S. Toronto! Lots of veggies are listed on the web store again this week, you can order ’till noon on Tuesday.

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