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In the garden - Cool as a

Sometimes, it really is just too hot to farm. This week is looking like it might be one of those times. Yet farm we must!

Thankfully, there are not too many heat-sensitive greens to harvest and we have lots of garlic we can trim in the shade, so we will shift most of the weed pulling and other more strenuous tasks to another time.

This past weekend we took a mini vacation to Hamilton and we will be heading off again this weekend to Huntsville.

It is nice to get away, but nobody gave the vegetables the memo, so an amusing side effect is that we have a large quantity of ridiculously large zucchini! Some of the beans might be a bit on the large side too, but I think they are mostly okay and we have cucumbers galore this week.

Lauren will be holding down the fort for me again at the Market in the Village, so there will be plenty of all three available on Friday for those of you who aren’t CSA members.

For those of you who are CSA members, the new item in your share’s this week is Potatoes! Yum.


This week’s share:

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