Happy Halfway Point!

what are those zukini flowers - Happy Halfway Point!


Here we are halfway through the CSA season already. I sure hope everyone has been enjoying their veggies.

If you have, please spread the word that we can be found every week at the Stirling Market in the Village and also often in Toronto on the Dufferin Grove Market Web Store or more locally in the Homegrown Hamper.

I sure have been enjoying having an over abundance this Season, but now I just need a few more customers to make a dent in all this bounty.

The most exciting news for this week is that the heirloom tomatoes are finally ripening! Time to make a visit to the Water Buffalo Store for some Bocconcini. The cherry tomatoes are coming on strong now too, so, whatever your tomato preferences are, we should have you covered.

If you are trying to avoid nightshades, I’m afraid this week will be a tough one, as the peppers, eggplants, and potatoes are also all looking good. Never fear though, we still have lots of cucumbers and zucchini too!

I took a bit of a turn around the garden this morning and it looks as though the corn is coming along despite getting planted late and I think we will have a good squash harvest this fall, (although the plants are so big it is a bit hard to tell what is under there)! So as long as we can get our fall greens to come along, I think we will be in for another ten weeks of big and beautiful CSA shares, with lots more to spare for our Markets.

β€” Jenny

This Week’s Shares:
πŸ₯’Β Cukes
πŸ₯’ Zukes
🌱 Beans
πŸ… Heirloom Tomatoes
πŸ… Cherry Tomatoes
πŸ₯¬ Cabbage or Lettuce
πŸ«‘ Peppers (Italian Corno di Toro type)
πŸ† Eggplant
πŸ₯” Potatoes
πŸ§… Red Cipollini Onions (perfect for roasting whole)
πŸƒ Greens Choice
🌱 Herbs


what are those zukini flowers - Happy Halfway Point! tomatoes scaled - Happy Halfway Point! Sunflowers - Happy Halfway Point! a melon - Happy Halfway Point! a pepper - Happy Halfway Point!