Rhubarb Unfurling 🌈

unfurling rhubarb - Rhubarb Unfurling 🌈

Good Afternoon,

Yesterday’s snow has melted and despite the chill in the air the Sun is shining.

I hope everyone enjoyed their long weekends. I am happy to report that our greenhouse is still standing despite the rather rambunctious winds we have experienced of late. Sometimes in the Spring it feels as though I spend half of my time just re-securing the tarps and row cover in the field. There are just never enough sand bags in April!

Thankfully we have more trees on the way for our windbreak and it looks as though many of last years’ trees have pulled through the Winter, in ten years time I’m sure I will be glad we kept at it.

It has been a slow cold Spring and although my records show we had snow last April 21st, I must admit I’m starting to feel a tad impatient.

All the same, the crops inside the greenhouse are growing and our first harvest should be ready for the May 5th Homegrown Hamper. Many things are seeded in the field and the first transplants should be heading out this week. The rhubarb, garlic and peas are up and I can see some cautious buds on the trees, so it won’t be long now.

In other exciting news, the on-line store should be ready to launch just as soon as I have something to put in it. Stay tuned for dates and special offers for CSA members!

Speaking of the CSA, we still have some spots to fill so if you are thinking of joining us this Season, please let me know as soon as you can. Remember every time I see a member sign-up or return I do a little happy dance. You can find the form here.

— Jenny