Garlic Harvests and Driveway Navigation

garlic harvest 2022


Happy August long weekend. 

This one always takes me by surprise, and perhaps that’s why I spent the day pulling garlic like a fool instead of relaxing on a dock, or whatever it is other less vegetable-focused humans do on long weekends! 

In any case, I’m happy to report, Garlic Harvest 2022 is complete, and it is a beautiful crop if I do say so myself.

Before I get into any more veggies news, I just want to mention to CSA members that we are going to try to formalize a driveway system. Even though our driveway is wide, it can get a bit crowded and confusing during busy pick-up times and I hope this will make things easier for everyone.

The hope is that everyone can enter the driveway at the mailbox side and then drive around in a semi-circle to exit at the grain bin side. When you arrive, just move all the way around to the first available spot and park facing toward the road. Thanks in advance for your help with this!

Rough map of Knuckle Down Farm's driveway, indicating to enter by the mailbox and exit by the grain bin.

Now back to the vegetables. In past years, I have spent many newsletters talking about our heirloom tomatoes, giving a week-by-week update about how close to ripe they are getting and that sort of thing. This year I haven’t mentioned them much, and they have been trickling into shares and the market, but let me just say the plants are positively loaded with big, still mostly green fruit! When they do all ripen, we will have an embarrassment of deliciousness. I can’t wait.

The zucchini on the other hand, is just an embarrassment this season. I have a second planting on the way and one of cucumbers too, fingers crossed they will redeem me.

The new kid on the block this week is fragrant and fancy baby fennel! Oh what fun.

— Jenny

This week’s Share

🧄 Garlic
🎵 Beets
🥬 Kale
🥬 Collards or Chard
🔥 Baby Fennel
🍅 Tomatoes
🫑🥒 Green Peppers, Zucchini or cucumbers
🌈 Beans if there are enough, but they might need a break
🌿 Herbs