The Information Superhighway was built for Garlic

Garlic Power Pose

This July has been a month of embracing technology here at Knuckle Down Farm. Not only can I now turn my irrigation on with my phone, but we have finally decided to update our website so that we can add a webstore. 

People often ask us if we have a farm stand, but our off the beaten track location means we don’t get enough traffic to make a farm stand work. There is nothing more disheartening than harvesting a load of veggies only to watch them wilt at the end of the driveway all day.

However, I know that lots of people can’t commit to a whole CSA share or aren’t able to make it out to a Friday afternoon Farmers’ Market, but still would love to get their hands on the occasional bunch of kale or fresh garlic.

As it turns out, I also have a partner who is pretty good at building websites, so we thought we might see if we could harness that skill and solve our sad farm stand problem. 

Now, if someone is looking for that bunch of kale, they can buy it while it is still on the plant and I can happily harvest only the vegetables that have been paid for! To start we will be offering pick-ups at the farm and Stirling Farmers’ Market, but would be happy to hear from you what you would like to see.

In other news the great garlic harvest has begun! Last year we were fortunate enough to have a few extra sets of helping hands at garlic harvest time and I think we got the whole crop in and much of it hung to cure in an afternoon! This year, despite Ernest stepping in to give me a hand for most of the day, we weren’t quite able to match that pace. Even so two out of three varieties are now safely curing, and the rest will be out by the end of the week

In our CSA shares this week there will be a few choices as we bridge the gap between Spring Crops finishing up and Summer Crops just not quite being ready yet.


— Jenny

🥕 Carrots
🥬 Napa Cabbage or Mini Romaine
🌈 Beans
🥬 Chard or Collards
🥒 Zucchini or Cucumber
🧅 White Onions
🍅 Tomatoes or Peppers
🌿 Herbs