Summer Sunsets, Fall Harvest

dramatic lens flare - Summer Sunsets, Fall Harvest

This hot dry weather looks like it will be coming to an abrupt end on the weekend so this week I am focused on getting as many crops as I can out of the field and into storage. For those veggies that will keep growing into the cool wet weather, I am thinking about protective covers, as strange as that feels when it’s 25 degrees out!

Some crops I will harvest for perhaps the last time this Season, Tomatoes, Peppers and Eggplants for example won’t survive if the temperature drops too low. Others that I usually harvest around Thanksgiving, like celery and rutabaga, are not happy about how dry it has been and may simply never be harvested at all. I will try to find at least some of our cutting celery though for anyone who needs it for stuffing this week.  A beautiful Celery crop will have to wait for another year and the Rutabaga might be ready in time for Halloween (our very last CSA pick-up incidentally).

The Beans are done for the Season so I won’t have to worry about protecting those and the baby greens and lettuce will be happy for the rain and cooler temperatures with just a little protection. Likewise the Broccoli, Cauliflower and Winter Radishes. 

This year we are heading into October with an abundance of root crops too and our Squash and Onions are now all out of the field so we should be in good shape for the final quarter of the CSA and our Fall markets.

I hope you get a chance to enjoy some of this warm sunshine and fingers crossed our big Harvest Market in Stirling isn’t rained out on Friday, if you can, come and check it out it should be a blast rain or shine.

— Jenny

This Week’s Share:

🍅 Tomatoes
🫑 Peppers
🍆 Eggplant
🧅 Onions
🥕 Carrots
🏸 Squash or Pumpkin
🥔 Potatoes
🎈 Winter Radish
🪴 Herbs and Hot peppers

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