Happy Thanksgiving

carrots in hand - Happy Thanksgiving

Hello Farm Friends,

Giving thanks this weekend for the beautiful harvests we have enjoyed this year, and even more so considering the difficult Summer it has been and continues to be for so many other parts of this country we call Canada and around the world. 

Although I will likely complain a little tomorrow morning when my fingers are feeling frozen from the cold and wet harvest, they are the lighthearted and full bellied complaints of someone who knows they can simply go inside and warm up whenever she chooses to. How thankful I am for that.

We had a wonderful final send-off for the Market in the Village on Friday. It was so great to see so many people out and enjoying the last of the warm sunshine and supporting so many local businesses. Thanks to Jess and Nate for organizing it and to all of you for coming out!

If you are missing your market already, next weekend I will be at Woodland North Lavender Farm for a Harvest Hastings Social and Market.

This Thursday I will also be back at the Dufferin Grove Market, so pull on a sweater and come find me, I will have lots of Fall Veggies and for those of you who have been waiting, drum roll please… Spicy Salad Mix is back! 

It’s time to think about planting garlic now too, so feel free to email me, or order from the website if you want your choice of varieties for planting, or eating, or eating and planting, before they sell out. 

— Jenny

This Weeks’ Share:

🍃 Spicy Salad Mix
â¾² Leeks
🍅 Tomatoes
🫑 Peppers or Eggplants
🎶 Beets
🥔 French Fingerling Potatoes
🥬 Cabbage
🧄 Garlic
🪴Herbs and Hot Peppers

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