The Persephone Period

cherry tomatoes - The Persephone Period

Hello Farm Friends,

As we quickly head toward what folks in my line of work call The Persephone Period, the time of the year when daylight lasts for less than 10 hours, any seeds that we were hoping to seed this season have likely already been planted.

 However, there are a few crops that can be seeded now with an eye to the Spring and of course Garlic is the one we plant in the most abundance here at Knuckle Down Farm.

This week, I will be focused on preparing beds, splitting, planting and mulching garlic and my family will likely have to put up with me smelling like garlic too until it is all in the ground!

The last few years we have planted our garlic in our potato beds, and this has worked well, however it does require that the potatoes be harvested. This year we put in some later potatoes so it might be potatoes out and garlic in on the same day. Thankfully the frost has taken care of some of our other crops so we can probably free up some alternative beds if need be.

Either way it looks like the next few days will be pleasant for planting so please get in touch if you are needing some seed for your own garden!

In other news, after crop failures followed by failures to re-plant we finally have some Kale for you this week. Better late than never I suppose. We also have a nice crop of tender Arugula for this week’s CSA shares, hooray for Fall greens and very few Fall pests!

— Jenny

This Week’s Share:

🥕 Carrots
🧅 Onions
🧄 Garlic
🚀 Arugula
🥬 Kale
🫑 Peppers or Eggplants
🥔 Potatoes
🏸 Squash or Pumpkin
🪴 Herbs and 🌶️ Hot Peppers

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